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Fatehpur Pincode / Post Office Search (FATEHPUR, Uttar Pradesh)

Abhaipur B.O 212665FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Aboonagar S.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Afoi B.O 212653FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Ahewa B.O 212651FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Ahmadpur Kusumbha B.O 212641FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Ailai B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Ainjhi B.O 212620FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Ajamatpur B.O 212661FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Akbarpur Churai B.O 212652FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Alamganj B.O 212635FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Alampur B.O 212659FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Alampur Giriya B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Allipur B.O 212653FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Amaon B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Amauli S.O 212631FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Amilihapal B.O 212650FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Andipur B.O 212620FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Anjana Bhairaon B.O 212658FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Arhaiya B.O 212656FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Arhauli B.O 212641FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Arhawal B.O 212661FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Asani B.O 212651FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Asother S.O 212620FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Aung B.O 212665FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Aurai B.O 212622FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Ayah B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bahrampur S.O 212622FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bahua S.O 212663FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Baigaon B.O 212653FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bakewar Sarai B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bamharauli B.O 212641FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Banarsi B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bandipur B.O 212652FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Banthara B.O 212659FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bara B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Baragaon B.O 212663FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Baraipur B.O 212656FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Baranpur B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Barhaidih Maholia B.O 225302FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Barigawan B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Basant Khera B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Basara B.O 225305FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Baswa B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Belain B.O 212641FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Beonti B.O 212658FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Beragarhiwa B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Berraon B.O 212620FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Berui B.O 212620FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bhadba B.O 212664FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bhaisauli B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bhakharana B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bhitaura B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bijauli B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bijuri B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bilanda B.O 212645FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bilandpur B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Bindki S.O 212635FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Birnai B.O 212631FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Budhramau B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Budwan B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Burhwan B.O 212631FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Chak Korra Sadat B.O 212622FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Chakas Karan B.O 212663FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Chakhendi B.O 212664FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Chandapur B.O 212658FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Chandiyana S.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Chandpur B.O 212631FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Chheolaha S.O 212650FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Chhichha B.O 212635FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Chhichhni B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Chitauli B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Chitishapur B.O 212651FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Churiyani B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Damapur B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Dampur B.O 212641FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Dapsaura B.O 212631FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Datauli B.O 212663FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Dawatpur B.O 212664FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Dayalnagar B.O 212631FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Deegh B.O 212635FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Dendasai B.O 212656FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Deolan B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Deomai B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Deori Bujurg B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Devrar B.O 212641FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Dhakauli B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Dhamina Khurd B.O 212631FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Dharmpur Saton S.O 212623FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Dhata S.O 212641FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Digharua B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Dugrai S.O 212662FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Ekdala B.O 212658FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Erayan S.O 212653FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Farshi B.O 212651FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Fatehpur City S.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Fatehpur Court S.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Fatehpur H.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Fatehpur Tekari B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Fatehpur Town S.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Gambhari B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Garha B.O 212658FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Gariya Bazar B.O 225302FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Gaura B.O 212631FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Gaura Bujurg B.O 212650FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Gauri Aura B.O 212631FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Gauri B.O 212661FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Gharwasipur B.O 212656FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Ghazipur S.O (Fatehpur) 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Ghoori Bujurg B.O 212622FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Gohrari B.O 212631FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Gugauli B.O 212665FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Guneer B.O 212664FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Hardon B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Hariharganj S.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Hasaupur B.O 212650FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Haswa S.O 212645FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Hathgaon S.O 212652FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Ijura Bujurg B.O 212653FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Itaily B.O 212652FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Jafarganj B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Jafrabad B.O 212635FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Jagatpur B.O 225305FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Jahangirnagar Gahura B.O 212656FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Jairampur B.O 212656FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Jam B.O 212641FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Jamraon S.O 212654FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Jarauli B.O 212620FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Jonihan B.O 212635FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kalyanpur Kachrauli B.O 212641FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kalyanpur S.O (Fatehpur) 212666FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kandhi B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kandhiya B.O 212620FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kapil Kalan B.O 212659FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Karmon B.O 212650FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kasba Sohan B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kaseruwa B.O 212652FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Katoghan B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Katra Kasimpur B.O 212652FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kaundar B.O 212620FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kaunh B.O 212631FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Khadra B.O 212665FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Khaga S.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Khaga Town S.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Khajuha S.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Khakhreru S.O 212656FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kharai B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kharsendwa B.O 212641FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Khas Mau B.O 212622FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Khesahan B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Khotila Sijauli B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Khuta B.O 212635FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kishandaspur B.O 212654FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kishanpur S.O (Fatehpur) 212658FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kora Jahanabad S.O 212659FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Korai B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Korra Kanak B.O 212661FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Korsam B.O 212665FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kot B.O 212656FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kotiya B.O 212664FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kulli B.O 212656FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kumbhipur B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Kusumbhi B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Ladigaon B.O 212663FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Lalauli S.O 212661FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Lalpur B.O 212635FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Lamehata B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Lateefpur B.O 212645FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Laugaon B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Madokipur B.O 212665FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Mahakhera B.O 212661FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Mahana B.O 212661FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Mahoi B.O 212645FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Mahraha B.O 212635FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Makarandpur B.O 212631FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Malaon B.O 212622FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Malookbari B.O 212658FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Malwan R.S. S.O 212664FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Malwan Town S.O 212664FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Manawan B.O 212620FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Manda Sarai B.O 212622FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Mandraon B.O 212635FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Mandwan B.O 212653FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Mauhar S.O 212665FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Maujmabad B.O 212651FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Mawai B.O 212651FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Mawaiya B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Meoli B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Mirai B.O 212665FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Missi B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Mohamdabad B.O 212652FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Mohammad Pur Gaunti S.O 212660FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Mohammad Pur Khaley S.O 225303FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Muraon B.O 212622FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Musafa B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Muttaur B.O 212663FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Naraicha B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Naraini B.O 212622FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Narauli B.O 212658FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Narsinghpur Kabraha B.O 212641FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Naugaon B.O 212654FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Nizamuddinpur B.O 212650FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Padhara B.O 212665FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Paharpur B.O 212658FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Paigamberpur B.O 212652FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Paina Khurd B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Pallawan B.O 212641FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Pamrauli B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Patti B.O 212652FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Pauli B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Purain B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Purani Bindki S.O 212635FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Raipur Bhasraul B.O 212658FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Raipur Muwari B.O 212652FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Ram Nagar Kauhan B.O 212620FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Ramwan B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Rari B.O 212658FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Rari Bujurg B.O 212664FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Rewari Bujurg B.O 212664FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Rithwa Awajipur B.O 212631FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Rithwan Bhairwan B.O 212620FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Sahjahanpur Selraha B.O 212622FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Saibasi B.O 212663FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Saidpur Pachmai B.O 212656FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Salempur B.O 212650FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Salhepur B.O 212631FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Sangaon B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Saraisaba B.O 212652FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Sarauli B.O 212658FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Sarkandi B.O 212658FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Sarkee B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Sawant B.O 212622FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Selawan B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Semramanapur B.O 212652FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Sewramau B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Shadipur B.O 212665FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Shah B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Shahpur B.O 212652FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Shahpur Bhagauli S.O 225306FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Shankha B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Sheorajpur B.O 212665FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Sidhaon B.O 212663FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Silmi B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Sithaura B.O 212652FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Sothrapur B.O 212656FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Suketi B.O 216221FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Sultangarh B.O 212657FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Sultanpurghosh B.O 212653FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Tapani B.O 212663FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Tarapur B.O 212664FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Tehsil Fateh Pur S.O 225305FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Teliyani B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Teni B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Tesahi Bujurg B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Thariyaon B.O 212622FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Tikaitganj B.O 225302FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Tikar B.O 212620FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Tyonja B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Ukathu B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Umari B.O 212601FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Vijaeepur B.O 212655FatehpurUttar Pradesh
Yauhan B.O 212650FatehpurUttar Pradesh

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.